Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tah-Dah! A first blog post!

Well, I've done it. After alllll the time I spent telling myself I wouldn't sink into blogging... here I am, blogging. Some of you are saying I BLOG, WHAT'S HER PROBLEM? Let me assure you, it's not you- it's me! When I find a new hobby I love, it becomes a piece of my heart! I thoroughly enjoy reading people's blogs. I think it's the miniature sociologist/anthropologist that is inside of me- not to mention the giant serving of teacher! No blog can beat a good, hearty serving of fellow teacher blog!

So for those of you sinking into my first blog post, here is a bit about me! My name is Lindsey, I teach 4th Grade in the Lone Star State of Texas. I was born and raised here and have A LOT of pride for my state, y'all. But don't worry... I have a deep appreciation for the rest of the world, too! I married my very best friend, Joseph, in October of 2013. We don't have any children yet, but they'll be here shortly, I'm sure! We love to travel together although our time for adventures is relegated to long weekends, school breaks, and summer vacations. We have traveled to tons of Caribbean islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland (Joseph swears this doesn't count because it was a layover in Zurich when we flew back from Italy... they stamped my passport so I say it counts!), and we will be in Brazil in June for the World Cup. We have 3 dogs and a mysterious cat named Audi (yes, like the car). We just bought an amazing house- which I am sure you will hear LOTS more about. My sweet hubby was kind enough to provide me with my very own craft room, so I spend plenty of time in there crafting up all sorts of things. I have a passion for curriculum and design, as well as sharing my works with others through the fabulous TeachersPayTeachers (Lord knows I spend enough on that website, too!). Hubs and I are Christians who have found a wonderful church in our city that we attend every week. I have a wonderful family spread all over the place- all the way to Denmark and Australia.

That pretty much sums me up for now- watch out for future posts! I have a plethora ideas of things I would like to share with the blogging world!

Much Love,