Friday, July 21, 2017

Where has the TX Teacher been??

My lack of blogging makes me look like a part of some weird blogging episode of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" But, maybe this will explain where I've been instead...

Yup, I had a baby in July of 2016, so basically I left my blog high and dry once we decided we wanted to start a family. My sweet girl just turned one and (incase you couldn't tell) we celebrated with a unicorn themed first birthday. She was actually into unicorns before this whole thing became a fad. We found this neat unicorn toy that spoke a couple of different languages when she was super tiny and she was OBSESSED until her crazy drooling (thanks, teething) broke it. Poor unicorn really was wet from her slobber ALL THE TIME. So a unicorn first birthday in her honor definitely seemed fitting!

 So how have things changed for me in terms of teaching?

Well, they have and they haven't. My family is certainly a priority- so I try to keep all teaching related tasks either at work, or done after the baby goes to bed for the night. Work-Life balance is imperative. At the end of the day, these are my people, and they need my time and love to flourish. I hope you remember that as this new school year rolls around. Having a baby has meant that my "Work in Progress" folder on my desktop is gigantic. I'll whip up an activity or something for my classroom, and it doesn't get posted to TpT like it used to. While I LOVE helping others and thoroughly enjoy creating teacher related materials, it's a balance. Nap time is my new work time! 😂

So, hopefully, you'll be hearing a lot more from me. Writing is therapeutic for me (i.e.- stress relief!) and I've come to a point in my career where I feel like I have enough experience to offer advice in certain areas. 

Hope you are enjoying these summer days and NOT counting down the time until we go back to work. We need this break. It makes us human again.