Saturday, August 8, 2015

August Currently

I'm linking up with Farley (a long-time favorite blogger of mine, who is teaching 4th now! Woo-hoo!) from Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for August Currently! Did I mention she's from Texas, too??

Oh Boy! Fourth Grade!

Listening: Not a summer day goes by without listening to something off of iTunes Radio. I purposely haven't updated because my husband told me some of the stations disappear once you go to iOS8! Eek! I am usually an Alternative music (think Alt. J, Foster the People, fun., Hozier...) girl, but Pop has been keeping me going this summer!

Loving: Ohhhhh my puppies! I think they're going to take it pretty hard when I head back to work full time! They've been loving the all day long attention, love, and affection!

Max, the smiling Dachshund! 
Llama or dog... you decide. 
Audi, the Pei-Wei loving cat... Or maybe it's just a love of plastic bags. 
Thinking: I got a "promotion" of sorts at work and I am now the 4th Grade Team Leader. I am really excited for the challenge and really, really, really want to do right by my team and all of our fourth graders. Wish me luck this year! Or feel free to comment with words of wisdom, advice, or something you wish your team lead would do/not do. :)

Wanting: So our sweet head custodian, Maria, is running behind on waxing our campuses floors thanks to all of the summer school that went on at our campus. So we've been LOCKED OUT. I am dying watching people Periscope their classrooms (Follow me! @TheTexasTeacher) and post all of these pictures when I haven't. even. started.

Needing: While my gorgeous, amazing, phenomenal, planner has already been in my hands for a month or so, I might've gone back and ordered some stickies to use with it, and a lined notebook for inservices/faculty meetings/team planning, etc... I really can't wait to get that notebook! 2 days of differentiation training and 1 data day later, the lined pages in my planner are almost full. Yikes!!

B2S RAK: So I recently discovered my absolute love for cutting vinyl with my Silhouette. Maybe not just love, but like OBSESSION. I want to run around screaming VINYL ALL THE THINGS! So as my B2S RAK, I'm vinyl-ing new clipboards for my team! Who doesn't need a customized clipboard?? For now, here are my new task card bags I made for my Math & Reading centers. No more wasting plastic baggies for me!!

Love Y'all,