Sunday, February 15, 2015

YIKES! It's been how long since I've posted?!?

Wellllll, needless to say, it's been a while since I've written a post! I've had all these great ideas for posts but they just never seem to make the "Do Now" side of my double column to-do list! So here is a short version of my to-do list of things to tell you about:

1. I moved classrooms this year and my new room is pretty cozy! I may eventually get around to posting some pictures of it that I took before school began... but no promises there! I went with a black, pink, green, and blue color scheme and absolutely love it. The black backgrounds make everything look very crisp. Much more calm than whatever it was that I thought I was doing last year!

2. My students are SOOOOO sweet this year! I am still teaching the collab class with a wonderful co-teacher, but I just wound up with the sweetest bunch. They work hard, are almost always eager to learn, and truly enjoy the activities and centers that we do. Such a different dynamic than last year!

3. I have the LONGEST list of products to post in my TpT store, EVER. I have whipped up so many neat things for this group of students and it seems like I whip up what we need and then leave it to sit in the darkest caverns of my "Documents" file... Oops! You'll start seeing things trickle in now... Promise!

4. I debuted a new Writing homework series for Texas Teachers!! I was using a fantastic TpT resource that my team has multiple licenses to, but it just wasn't what we needed in Texas. So I simply came up with my own! I have posted the Personal Narrative version but the Expository, Creative Writing, and Persuasive are in the works!! Look for them in the coming weeks! Below is a picture of the layout of my Writing homework packs. It's an easy format that is great practice for the STAAR test. If you teach 4th of 7th (of in Texas at all, really!) this product is totally meant for you!! It can most definitely be used in class during Writing, too. I send it home just for additional reinforcement with my students!

It comes with a Student rubric for easy assessment, too! I have my students switch papers and score each others writing as well. I don't know why, but they love, love, love seeing other student's writing! I'm going to have to start saving papers from each year to share with my kiddos! Well, if this is something you think you'd be interested in- check it out on TpT here.
My intention is to post a freebie pretty soon, so you can try a week out with your students! Hope you're having a fun February with your students so far! Spring Break is just around the corner!

Love Y'all,