Thursday, July 24, 2014

A new take on the "Teacher Toolbox" plus a Craft Room update!

EEK! What's left of July is running out quick and you know what that means... Summer is almost over and it's about time to go back to school.
I will admit I am a bit of a freak when it comes to back to school and new school supplies. There is just nothing quite like the smell of new crayons and a pack of pencils! (Weird... I know.) I thoroughly love weaving through the aisles and looking at everything for B2S even though I am completely content sleeping in, relaxing, going to the bathroom when I need to- you teachers know what I'm talking about- and eating a lunch that wasn't leftovers, microwaveable, or a sandwich.
So, needless to say I've been prepping for this B2S season. I am mixing up a few things this year and aiming to be more organized on a personal level. While I anxiously await my new planner that I ordered off of Etsy from PlumPaper Designs, I stopped by my local Container Store for some desk organization.
For those of you that teach and LOVE the Container Store... they have a teacher appreciation program that sends you coupons via Email! If you're anything like me, you love a coupon or a sale towards a store you love!! Sign Up for The Organized Teacher here! 

Back on topic... I purchased this cute little thing while I was at the Container Store. I have seen so many precious pictures of full size Teacher Toolboxs all over Pinterest, but they're just too big for the tiny space I have in my classroom! My school is almost 50 years old and at one point, didn't have walls to divide classrooms. So some time in the 80's they added walls and left us teeny tiny little classrooms. So every single square inch is precious space and for that reason, organization is key!
So here's what I found.
This sweet little thing is called a Livinbox! The draws are roomy (great for me because I have a serious obsession with those gigantic binder clips they sell at Staples... use them on everything!) and they slide out! Need a student to pass out paper clips or post-its? Slide out a drawer and away it can go! It needed a little love when I got it so I had purchased precious chevron labels to put in the little windows but they were a tad to big! So I took the easy way out and used the provided labels and my "classroom font" for the year to make it look a bit snazzier!
End product! Only took me a few minutes and I know it'll fit in perfectly on my bookcase. If I decide I need a bigger one, it has slats on the side that make it easier to slide 2 together into 1 bigger unit! You can even stack them rather than putting them side by side! I have a deep love for The Container Store buyers.... they find the neatest, most functional products!
On another happy note, my craft room table (My husband jokingly calls it the Crap Room) is finally finished and I snagged an adorable turquoise colored chair to use in there!

I have moved some things around but am absolutely loving not sitting on the floor when I am crafting away! If you are looking for something like this, check out the Recollections brand at Michael's Craft Store. I waited for the pieces to be on sale (got them for 50% off!) and sometimes they let you use your 15% teacher discount, too. Such a steal! Sweet hubby helped me put it altogether and frankly I think he's glad I gave him his office back!

Well, that's all for today! I need to get a few hours in on classroom stuff. Writing Folders and better organizing my Reading Centers is in the works! Pics to come!

Love Y'all,

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