Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's been summer for HOW long??

Well, I swore to myself that I wouldn't let FOREVER go bye without posting something... but it appears as if I did! To catch you up on the past few months... The last few weeks of school were pretty trying for my co-teacher and I but we survived! We had a very "active" class, for lack of a better explanation. 
On some happy notes, I spent my first week of summer attending some really wonderful Continuing Education courses that my district provides. My district is HUGE so they provide something for everybody- new and veteran teachers alike! My team lead and I were curious about this whole flipped classroom bandwagon so we each attended a seminar on it and compared notes. Definitely something I am interested in implementing in my classroom considering that in a collab class I have so many different levels of learners. 
On my second week of summer, my husband and I flew to Brazil for the World Cup! Everyone was very concerned (clearly we come from worry wart families but neither of us really have that gene...) but we had a fantastic time. We saw 2 matches- 1 in Belo Horizonte and 1 in Recife. We got to see the Netherlands team on their way to practice, including the VERY handsome, Robin vanPersie, who I jokingly call my second husband. We also got to see Team USA coming back to their hotel from practice, the day before they played Germany. It was totally a right place, right time kind of thing! After about 8 days in Brazil, we were happy to make the trip back home but sad vacation was over for my hubs! He will have more time off in November when we head to Vegas with some friends! Can't wait for that! Can you believe I've never been?!?! 

On some school related notes, I am happily preparing for next year (off and on, of course! After all, every teacher needs to spend a good chunk of time relaxing!). I am revamping my math centers, classroom library, and how I manage early finishers. I really want my students to utilize every single minute of their day wisely, especially since teaching in a collab class means that the unexpected (meltdown, panic attack, anger episode, etc.) can and will happen on occasion. The one thing my co-teacher and I were very proud of was the fact that our students were great at going with the flow when one student, or sometimes more than one, needed some one-on-one attention that occasionally included administration or behavioral support coming into our room. They kept on chugging with whatever they were doing, and didn't bat a lash! 

Well, I think I'm going to say farewell to my laptop for the day- I just finished up a really neat unit of Decimals Centers (lemonade themed!!!) that I will be posting to my TpT account shortly. Make sure to check it out!!

Love Y'all! 


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