Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Freebie Wednesday! We Can Count to 100 Posters!

I sure hope you guys are soaking up this last part of July! August seems to be creeping up faster than I ever expected! My teacher friends and I are really getting back into project mode as school nears. A dear friend of mine from college (wouldn't have survived it without her!) who teaches Kinder in my district was looking for a way to celebrate her students as each of them becomes able to count to 100. I couldn't resist whipping up some poster options for her, especially after learning how much she loves the SketchBlock font. To my satisfaction, I created one she really liked so we met at our district's activity center on Monday and turned it into a full size poster! Each time one of her sweet, little Kinders can count to 100 they will get their picture added to this poster to celebrate their accomplishment! How fun is that?! Here is the poster she liked the most all blown up into jumbo size!
 Download the whole set here and find a design you like! Lots of tips and tricks are included in the file to help you decide what is best for you with these neat posters! Hope you enjoy and don't forget to leave feedback and follow my store on TpT! :)
Here's my sweet friend who is super proud of her cute poster!

Love Y'all,

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